Sunday, 30 September 2012

Free Online Logo Creators

Sometimes, when you are designing a logo for a project, you will need a little bit of inspiration. If you arte trying to design a cool logo on a budget as well, you might not want to pay someone to create one for you but you might not also have the necessary skills to create a great looking logo yourself. This is where free online logo creators come in as they will do the job for you and create you a great looking logo in a matter of seconds. These are also great if you are looking for a temporary logo or simply to play with colour schemes. Here are some of the best free logo creators online:

  1. Creatr – This is one of the best logo creators that we have come across online and it is completely free of charge to use. The logo creator has a variety of different presets for logos and already made designs that you can customise to a different colour scheme and so on. The easy to use interface will allow you to create a good looking, web 2.0 logo within a matter of just a few minutes and best of all; it will fit in with your website well.
  2. LogoYes – This is another free logo creator that is absolutely fantastic and it has even more options that the website above. This website uses a flash based application to allow you to create a logo and it asks you a series of questions in order to create a logo that is great for your company. For example, you will choose an industry, a symbol and so on and the end product usually looks great.
  3. CoolText – This website will allow you to create both logos and buttons in just a matter of minutes. This website also takes all of the work out of creating a logo design as the designs are ready made. However, the designs don’t tend to look quite as professional as with the two sites above so it would be best if this site was used as a back-up logo generator.
There are many other great logo creators out there and with a simple Google search, you should be able to find a website that will allow you to create a suitable logo for your website or company within just a few minutes free of charge.

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